Four members of the Hungarian Society of Penny-Farthing Friends will pit their skills in an individual time trial race on the 730-metre race track in the Castle Park. Each competitor will race alone and this isn’t the only difference – they also have to deal with the difference in height too. Those in the know say that it’s dangerous to go down slopes on a penny-farthing, and impossible to go up! So it’s no wonder that all the Penny-Farthing Friends practise their sport on the Great Hungarian Plain!

The Penny-Farthing race is the last of the Degenfeld Autumn Games, and is intended as a competition for expert Penny-Farthing riders, but, if you have your own Penny-Farthing, please feel free to enter!

  • First competitor to start at 4 pm, Saturday 18th October 2014
  • Starting point: the top of the steps leading from the hotel to the winery
  • • All participants must bring their own penny-farthing!