The hot air balloon will be tethered, allowing guests to rise to 30-40 metres above ground and giving a beautiful view over the estate and the whole surrounding area. A view that few have seen! This means that far more people can enjoy the unique view of the land spreading out beneath them than if the balloon were to make a trip. Every hour up to 30 people can go up in the 5-6 “rises”! But, if you would definitely like to take photos or video from the basket on high, please register as a traveller early!

The hot air balloon will be continually taking off and landing throughout the afternoon on the area between the Castle Hotel terrace and the fountain.

  • Time: from 2 to 6 pm, Saturday 18th October 2014
  • Venue: the area between the Hotel terrace and the fountain
  • Prior registration is necessary (on the “Register” page of this website)