Wine Casino, and within that Wine-roulette. The central element of the game is a special roulette table in which grape varieties and other wine characteristics (vintage, alcohol content, sweetness) are set in place of the numbers. During the game participants are served wine blind, and then the wine casino croupier gives the players a couple of hints and helpful tips. After examination and tasting of the wine, they place their bets on the wine characteristics using the chips. When everyone has placed their bet, the wine tasted is revealed, and, while we talk a little about the winemaker and the wine, the players may sip the wine remaining in their glass and the winnings are “paid out’.

In contrast to real roulette, far less depends on chance here. Far more on knowledge and tasting experience, talent! Those with a WSET qualification are at an advantage – time to pit your taste buds!

  • Time: 9 to 11 pm on Saturday 18th October 2014
  • Venue: the Hotel salon
  • Prior registration is necessary (on the “Registration” page of this website)